Multicultural Performing Arts

Champions: ($10,000 and above)

The Allen Foundation for the Arts  -  John Keister Family Foundation
The Seattle Foundation  -  Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
National Endowment for the Arts

Patrons: ($5,000 to $9,999)

4Culture  -  Nesholm Family Foundation  -  US Bank
Thrifty Car Rental  -  A Territory Resource
Nintendo  -  Stephen Liff Anderson

Benefactors: ($2,500 to $4,999)

Seattle Theatre Group  -  Eddie Bauer, Inc.
WA Commission for the Humanities  -  T'Visions Productions
P. D. M.

Advocates: ($1,000 to $2,499)

Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme  -  Priscilla and Don Kimball
Lackey Sound and Lights, Inc.  -  Alhadeff Charitable Foundation

Sustainers: ($500 to $999)

John P Johnston  -  Ana Grover-Barnes  -  Tripp Hunter  -  City of Seattle  -  Woods and Associates  -  Asian Bar Association of Washington  -  Joshua Rosenstein

Friends: (up to $500)

Filipino American City Employees of Seattle
Sean O'Brien  -  Chris O'Brien  -  Erin Kilpatrick
Optimal Life Wellness  -  Yvette Davenport  -  Erin White
Jeff Lamoureux  -  Laura Chandler  -  Routh Thach
Jeremy Brown  -  Judith Hilzer  -  S Bridgeford Campbell
Shayna Grosney  -  Weston Clay  -  Amanda Zwar
LG Dykes  -  Cynthia Brothers  -  Corey Paulsen
Zeb Haradon  -  Betty Richardson  -  Patricia Douville
William Johnston  -  Anna Williams  -  Nick Eldredge
James McManis  -  Leah Schoonover - Barbara Helde
Karen Beck & Rebecca Calhoun  -  Herb & Fae Brooks
Gail Mautner  -  Susan Padfield - Kate Simpson
Richard & Leslie Jones  -  The Brothers Family - Amir Azer - Dior Davenport - Karen Williams - Jamie and John Johnston - Brett Peach - David Helde - Seth Saldana - Shaunte Griffin - Brandon Hunter - Rose Kemplin - Bonnie Thomas - Leah Pastrana - Rutia Curry - Alec Stephens III

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