Multicultural Performing Arts

A five woman performance about BEING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF FEAR and FINDING YOUR WAY BACK

Performing at ACT Theatre May 17 to May 27 as part of ACTLab - come see this show live!


The story follows a Caucasian woman arrested at the airport with her husband, both held by the Federal Government and suspected of a terrorist conspiracy. The incarceration ensnares the woman, her Iranian mother-in-law, and her Afro-Cuban American public defense attorney into a triangle of personal, cultural, and national identity crises.     


Each cast member in Blanket of Fear’s all-woman ensemble were brought into a collaboration that wove their individual perspectives into a dramatic web of political and personal intrigue. As a result, Blanket of Fear is classic Tribes Project: a character-driven narrative anchored by dynamic movement, visuals, and music.


This production is a diverse group of women’s reactions to the casualties of fear. Blanket of Fear offers an honest and powerful statement by refusing to over-simplify our complicated world.  Without offering clear solutions—or even the complete details of the arrest—the audience is left with the questions the characters must face: what is truth and justice within the cloaked world of counterterrorism?

This production is supported in part by a grant from 4 Culture

This production is supported in part by a grant from 4 Culture