Multicultural Performing Arts


June 5 Proclaimed TRIBES PROJECT DAY

by the state of Washington, King County, & the City of Seattle

Audience Response to TRIBES

"This is powerful stuff." - John Yeager, Kiro7 News

"You have transformed our VIEW of the World and each other!" 
- Mary Turner, Phi Theta Kappa President, South Seattle Community College

Blanket of Fear  - Neptune Theater, Seattle

Blanket of Fear - Neptune Theater, Seattle

"Many thanks to you, for sharing this opportunity with the youth in custody at Echo Glen. Many of the residents continued to discuss the issues well after the presentation, challenging others and their own beliefs."
- Patti Berntsen, Associate Superintendent Echo Glen

"The Tribes Project takes a bold step... that results in some of the most powerful theatre I have ever witnessed.  The honesty, wisdom and professionalism of this group of students were more than merely impressive." 
- Seattle Mayor Paul Schell Center 

"Our employees have spoken glowingly of your bold vision and creativity." 
- Rosarita Espinoza, Equal Employment Opportunity Manager


"The audience was clearly moved by the intensity of the performance and it was obvious that for much of the cast this was a more than memorable experience. Some of these young women and men will mark this as an important turning point in their lives."   - James Gregory, Professor University of Washington

In Our Names  - Corvallis, Oregon

In Our Names - Corvallis, Oregon

"The message is clear: the actors in the Tribes Project want to tell their tale. Each individual actor contributes to the entire package, using his or her own personal experiences to enrich the creative process. The end result is a powerful and emotionally hard hitting dramatic assemblage that blasts through to the hot core of the issues." 
- Crystal Helms, The Mirror

"It was awesome."   - Joy Richards, Wapato High School Senior

"Although the final product was the best high school performance I have seen in my years as a high school teacher, its more important to note the project's success at encouraging at-risk students to become involved in a school based project."   - Max Silverman, Ballard High School Teacher

Blanket of Fear  - Pacific Northwest Tour

Blanket of Fear - Pacific Northwest Tour



- Marsha King, The Seattle Times


"I was both moved and edified by the many sides of racism, sexism and other social issues presented so authentically. The acting and dances produced numerous cathartic effects. At times I felt saddened, entertained, frustrated and awed." - David Rafferty, 1997 audience member 

Dreams About Teeth  - Midwest Tour

Dreams About Teeth - Midwest Tour

"I believe compassion is the key to the survival of the human race.  Your work brings us closer to our best selves by dispelling ignorance." 
- Cydney Diederichs, 2000 audience member

"Great student presence, creative script, and a powerful message! We hope that the project continues and that you receive all the support you need to take the presentations far and wide."   - Roberto Maestas,  Executive Director El Centro de la Raza

"Since the performance, I've been viewing teens with a different lens, one with more respect for their abilities and their special place in society. … I have no doubt that these kids will become - have become - far better citizens of the world as a result of this experience.  Powerful stuff!"                                                                                                                       - Kevin C. Jones, 1999 audience member