Multicultural Performing Arts


TRIBES PROJECT is dedicated to multicultural perspectives and representation through the performing arts.  We produce evocative original works and adaptations as forums for exploring race, culture, and issues of the human condition.

Conference of the Birds - London, England

TRIBES PROJECT brings together diverse groups of people to create performances that empower them to intensely investigate the complexity of race and cultural issues through the solidarity of an ensemble production process.  TRIBES members research, write, and perform their original and adapted productions for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Wake of the Horse - Kosovo

TRIBES PROJECT has been bringing multicultural groups together to create vivid performing arts experiences since 1997.  Our World's intricately interconnected Human History makes every individual story important and unique, yet shared and universal. The stories we perform, be they painful, bittersweet, sad or happy, are presented within the context of a UNIFIED MULTICULTURAL GROUP.

By giving people a platform to voice their unique perspectives on race and culture, we strive to become an international model for MULTICULTURAL awareness, education and understanding—through the arts


Face Change - Seattle, WA 2001 - curtain call

TRIBES PROJECT is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible, and very much appreciated!